Tehran Shargh Industrial Group

Of the three periods of human civilization, two periods of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age have disappeared, and it was the Iron Age that is and will be with us. It was iron and steel that formed the basic structure of everything that man has acquired in the last two centuries. If one day the steam engine was invented to move locomotives, oil would be discovered and extracted so that cars and planes would be able to rise and jump, electricity would come to our homes and cause light, and if not so long ago our internet It was able to do a lot of everyday work in cyberspace, no doubt in the absence of the iron and steel industry, none of these achievements were achieved. Imagining a world without steel and iron would be a dark, cold, motionless image.
In East Tehran, our products will reach you the closest distance after performing a series of processes on steel sheets. Looking around, you’ll find the most basic items, such as the sofa and chair on which you read this post, the ceiling under which you sleep, the elevator you use to go up and down the floors, the bus, the taxi, or the subway. When you go to work with it, the bridges you cross, the skyscrapers you see in the city, and thousands of other cases where our steel products are used directly or indirectly.
We are very happy to be involved in a large part of the process of family, village, city, country, and world development, and all our energy and focus will be spent on a better tomorrow.

Tehran Shargh Industrial Group

Tehran Shargh Pipe and Profile Rolling Company was registered in 2001 in the field of production of various industrial and construction pipes and profiles, as well as the construction of heavy prefabricated heavy metal skeletons, and with the changes in the management and shareholders of the company in 2007. The company was changed from limited liability to a private company under the management of Mr. Mahmoud Saberi, on a land area of 16.500 square meters and with an infrastructure of 8,000 square meters of production and warehouse halls with a capacity of 30,000 tons per year and in a short time with Adding production lines, factory production capacity to 220,000 tons of pipes from 0.5 to 5 inches in diameter and up to 1 to 5 mm thick was upgraded in 1390 due to customer satisfaction and acceptance of domestic products of this company and also to achieve Export markets, the factory development plan was key and at the same time with the preparation of 32.000 square meters of production and warehouse halls in a land area of 53.000 square meters in Abbasabad industrial town to buy and install advanced production lines to improve production capacity up to 700.000 tons of industrial pipes , Structural, Urban water and gas, as well as industrial and construction cans up to 160 x 160 mm and up to 8 mm thick, the first phase of the development plan was put into operation in February 2014, and the next phase with the launch of a 24-inch line to produce a variety of products of thickness. 8 to 20 mm will be put into operation in 1994. Hopefully, with the fulfillment of this important goal, the main goal of this large industrial group, which is export-oriented products with Tehran Shargh, and Miami East Steel brands, has been achieved and market development in Central Asian countries has been achieved. , Iraq and Afghanistan It is worth mentioning that in order to maintain the capacity before the development plan, in 1393, Miami Steel Shargh Pipe and Profile Rolling Company was established in 1393 and by obtaining an operating license from Tehran Mining Industry and Trade Organization, in the previous place of Rolling Pipe and Profile Rolling Company. Tehran-Shargh, located in the Khatunabad Pakdasht industrial zone, is in production.

CEO message

Over the past few decades, global relations, usually formed in a closed space, have been replaced by a space in which borders have lost much of their meaning, or Globalisation. is named. The space for this globalization is fading with the demarcation of borders, especially in the economic and financial relations of the world. Iran is no exception in this new environment. With its special strategic location, rich resources, extensive infrastructure capacity, huge and educated workforce, Iran can play a very positive role in this globalized environment.

Iran’s entry into the global economic space is happening fast. For us in the East Tehran Group, embracing these changes and adapting the company’s macro approach to an effective presence in regional and global markets is of great importance.

A leak, construction, and completion of a new production complex in East Tehran in Abbasabad Industrial Town have been in line with this approach. Also, at present, the international arena of Tehran Shargh Group is in the process of forming and completing, which will be the international arm of Tehran Shargh. As a matter of principle, we look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

The path of progress

Y2001 – Registration of Tehran Shargh Pipe and Profile Rolling Company

Y2001- Product portfolio includes engineering profiles and heavy structures construction

Y2007 – Nominal production capacity of 30,000 tons per year

Y2007 – Changes in the company’s board of directors

Y2009 – Installation of new production lines

Y2009 – Product portfolio expands from 1.2 inches to 5 inches

Y2009 – Increase production and reach 120,000 tons per year

Y2011 – Construction of a new factory begins in Abbasabad Industrial Park

Y2014 – Establishment of Miami Steel Company

Y2014 – Completion of a factory in Abbasabad industrial town

Y2014 – Increasing production space to 65,000 square meters

Y2014 – Production of 23 production lines from 1.2 inches to 8 inches

Y2014 – Increasing the nominal production capacity to 750,000 tons per year

Y2018 – Installation and commissioning of 8 to 16-inch sections and pipes

Y2018 – Complete product portfolio from 1.2 inches to 16 inches

Tehran Shargh International

The privileged and growing position of the great and valuable God-given resources, as well as its infrastructural capacities, has enabled Iran to have an active and effective presence in the economic flow of the region and the world.

To export the products of Tehran Shargh factories to Tehran Shargh intl, the international arm of Tehran Shargh international and trans-regional countries has been created.

Also, East Tehran International is ready to cooperate with businesses that intend to operate in the Iranian market in various ways, including Joint Venture.

Current and target export markets

Tehran Shargh’s high production capacity and full product portfolio have enabled East Tehran to meet the needs of the domestic market, as well as expanding and expanding its presence and activity abroad.

Current export countries:

Oman, train, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Poland, Armenia

Target Markets:

North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia

Production quality certificate

Efforts to increase product quality in order to ensure compliance with international standards and increase customer satisfaction have always been on the agenda of Tehran Shargh Company.

In this regard, inspection and quality control in all stages of production from the entry of raw materials to the production of the final product is done. The company also has a certificate from the National Organization for Standardization and International Standards ISO 17003, ISO 3293, ISO 9001: 2008 Environmental Management Certificate, CE Quality Management System, and ISO 1004: 2012 Occupational Safety and Health Management, ISO 14001: 2016 and OHSAS 18001: 2017.

Research and Development

We have a deep belief in industrial production and activity in an environment in line with our scientific data, in a 5-year strategic plan to create a separate and well-equipped site to attract educated university staff with the aim of conducting scientific and industrial research. In order to be able to establish a close relationship between the university and industry.